Professional Children's School is
pleased to offer an online program
again this summer. These online
courses are designed to provide
students with an opportunity to
earn credits and/or to bolster
their skills during the summer
months. Students may have
weekly scheduled sessions with
instructors, along with assigned
Q and A sessions by arrangement
with the teacher.  Please note that
summer school courses are
intensive: a semester or full year's
worth of work is condensed into 9

We are excited to once again
offer the Summer Acting Intensive
taught by Mr. Sagona which will
take place at the school and
be open to both PCS students
and students from other schools.

If you have any questions, please
contact me at:

Vincent Sagona
Director, PCS Summer Academy


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Summer Acting Intensive
Academic Courses
Expectations of Students
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Summer Acting Intensive
June 18-June 29, 2018
Open to PCS & Non-PCS Students


The Intensive Acting Experience

The Professional Children's School Summer Acting Intensive is designed to serve PCS and non-PCS students entering grades 7 through 12 who are serious about the craft of acting and who have had practical experience participating in the rehearsal and performance process.

During the 2-week intensive, students will be given the opportunity to immerse themselves in a rigorous program dedicated to strengthening their acting technique through improvisation, scene-work, monologue-study and sensory exercises. Participants will be expected to work as an ensemble by supporting the work of others and by participating fully in the process. The goal of this workshop is to provide students with a safe space in which to take the risks necessary to achieving their best work. Enrollment limited to 15.

Dates: June 18th-June 29th
Teacher: Mr. Sagona
Times: 9AM-12:30PM (M-F)

Credits: None
Cost: $1050

Academic Courses June 18 - August 18, 2018*

PCS will be offering several online courses this summer, both non-credit and for credit. Students may have weekly scheduled sessions with instructors, along with assigned Q & A sessions by arrangement with the teacher. Please note that summer school courses are intensive: a semester or full year's worth of work is condensed into 9 weeks. Students should be prepared to work regularly at their studies and apply themselves most diligently. A report will be sent home to parents at the midpoint and again at the end of the summer session.  *Students do not necessarily need to be available all of those weeks, but must complete the course within that time frame.

Writing Skills (grades 5-9)      Mr. Laguzza      no credit

Intended for middle school students and those entering high school who want to improve their expository writing skills. This writing course will help students approach absolute competence in writing, both specific academic writing and a wide variety of other styles. Self-directed activities followed by regular writing assignments will help students become confident and fluent writers. Lessons include writing from research and writing academic essays as well as writing in narrative and descriptive genres. This course will provide general principles, primarily based on those of the Modern Language Association (MLA), and is genre- based. After introductory work, later chapters will emphasize genres such as the memoir, the advisory essay, the profile, etc. Students will establish a thorough understanding of how to write in a variety of styles and even create their own.

Health (grades 9-10)      Mr. Sagona      1⁄2 credit

Intended for rising 9th and 10th graders, both new and returning to PCS. This course explores the various dimensions of one's life and well-being by emphasizing personal responsibility, the importance of prevention, the development of skills for making choices, and the process of behavioral change. Students are provided with the information they need to make healthful changes in their lives. Self-directed activities followed by regular quizzes help students to explore how one?s health can be influenced by environment and lifestyle. This course is a diploma requirement at PCS, and can be accomplished during the summer online or in a more traditional class during the school year.

U.S. Government (grades 9-10)      Ms. Henry      1⁄2 credit

This course is a survey of American government and politics. The course starts with a review of the two fundamental documents in establishing the United States: The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution. After reading these documents, watching videos about them, and completing some on-line activities and worksheets about them, the student will move on to eight related topics: The Bill of Rights, The Due Process of Law, Supreme Court Cases, Political Parties, Voting, the Electoral College, the Presidency and the Executive Branch, and the Legislative Branch. The course will end with an online project about a current event. This course is a graduation requirement at PCS. This course requires that the students submit their work on these topics twice a week.

Introduction to Computer Science      Mr. Porter & Mr. Rodd      1/2 credit

Introduction to Computer Science teaches the foundations of computer sceince and basic programming, with an emphasis on helping students develop logical thinking and problem solving skills.  The course is designed to be accessible for complete beginners with no previous background in computer science, but can also engage the intermediate student with some coding experience.  The curriculum is made up of a series of learning modules that cover the fundamentals of programming.   Each module is made up of short video tutorials, example programs, quizzes, programming exercise challenge problemes, and unit tests.

Conceptual Physics      Mr. Rodd     1 credit
Pre-requisite: Algebra I and PCS approval required (contact Vincent Sagona:

Intended for upper school students interested in studying the physical sciences in order to fulfill 1 science credit. Conceptual Physics is a course that provides the students with a thorough understanding of the nature of matter, energy and physical science concepts. Through scientific explanations, required readings, practice exercises and online laboratory assessments, students will be able to grasp the fundamental ideas of physical science. Topics include kinematics, gravity and forces, energy, momentum, waves, electricity, light and color. Students enrolling in this course will be required to keep up to date communication with the teacher and adhere to strict assessment deadlines. The course will stress concepts over mathematics, and assessments would include both tests and summary questions reflecting conceptual understanding of the overlying principles examined. Final exam in this course must be taken in school on a day between Aug. 18-Sept. 7.

Environmental Science (grades 10-12)      Ms. Alexander      1 credit
PCS approval required (contact Vincent Sagona:

Intended for high school students interested in studying environmental science in order to fulfill 1 science credit, this course offers an introduction to the study of the natural world and how the ever-growing human population is affecting it. Students will gain knowledge on how all ecosystems and processes on Earth are connected. Topics include structure and function of ecosystems, land and water resources, renewable and nonrenewable resources, and different types of pollution and its impact. This course provides students with knowledge of the interaction between human activities, resources and the environment. Final exam must be taken in school on a day between Aug. 18-Sept. 7.

Creative Writing: The Stories of our Lives      Ms. Henry     1⁄2 credit
This course is open only to seniors who need the credit to graduate and cannot attend a regularly scheduled class.

In this course, students will study the craft of writing in a variety of genres including short stories, poetry, memoir, and plays. While exploring the formal structure of these genres, students learn to express their creative selves through the art of language. Assignments include daily journaling, free writing, responding to prompts, and crafting formal compositions, all of which contribute to the final portfolio of student’s work. Targeted skills include development of setting, description, characterization, narrative structure and dialogue. Students will improve their use of language and appreciation for words, punctuation and syntax in their own writing.

Research Skills and Media Literacy      Ms. Roeder      1⁄2 credit

This course provides instruction in information, media, and digital literacy. The following skills are emphasized: understanding the research process; developing and focusing a research topic; formulating effective searches on electronic databases and the internet; effectively using web search engines and the resources of the school library to find information; understanding the ethical issues involved in accessing and using information; evaluate the quality of web-based and print sources; correctly citing the information found. Students will be encouraged to learn through project based activities, collaborative experiences, and exploring web based tools that will facilitate their research process.

Text: Writing a Research Paper: A Step by Step Approach 3rd Edition, Phyllis Goldenberg


Expectations of Students

$1050- 1⁄2 credit or non-credit courses
$2100 - 1 credit courses
* Payment is non-refundable after July 1, 2018.

Technology Requirements
Computer with internet access.
Active PCS email address.


Please contact Mr. Sagona with any questions:
Vincent Sagona
Director, PCS Summer Academy
212-582-3116, ext. 163

Professional Children's School
132 West 60th Street
New York, NY 10023