Dania Nauholnyk 
Alumni Liaison


Alumni Home

As we continue to move into our second century, we are reminded that, since its inception in 1914, PCS has remained true to its mission: to provide a rigorous, college preparatory program to young people pursuing challenging goals. From its beginnings in borrowed rooms at The Rehearsal Club, to today's 21st century facilities on West 60th Street, PCS continues to educate some of the most talented young people in the world.

As we recognize our past and celebrate today's achievements, PCS must ensure continued excellence. For that reason, it's more important than ever to involve our most important resource, PCS Alumni. All former PCS students are members the Alumni Association. As a former student or graduate, you are part of the school community for a lifetime. One of the many reasons PCS strives to reconnect alumni to the School and each other is to foster the growth and development of this extraordinary school and to give the next generation of performing artists and athletes the best environment and opportunities to learn.

To get involved, please contact Dania Nauholnyk, our Alumni Liaison, at dnauholnyk@pcs-nyc.org or 212-582-3116, extension 144.