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The Arts:


While PCS is an academic college preparatory school, not an arts training institution, the arts are an important and vibrant part of life at PCS. The Professional Children's School is home to some of the most gifted young artists in the world and PCS students have opportunities throughout the year to perform for the school community as well as to enjoy the artistry of their classmates. Visual artists display their work throughout the year around the school.

Middle School and Upper School courses are offered in studio art, music and drama. Performance opportunities in both the High School and Middle School include annual drama and music productions and choral and instrumental assemblies. In addition, there are opportunities to represent the school at community concerts and other occasions throughout the school year.

The art room is a large, airy space that can be configured to suit a variety of projects and includes display space for works in progress, a dual lighting system, individual storage space for student artists and a kiln.

The Peter Glenville Theatre, a 2-story, 190 seat auditorium, opened in 2007.  The space, located in the heart of the school on the first & second floors, was designed by Steven Harris Architects and provides a beautiful main stage setting for recitals and music and drama productions.   In addition, the drama classroom has a rehearsal stage, sometimes used for informal productions.

The City as Classroom

New York City is America's arts capital and the resources of New York's world-class museums, gallleries, concert halls and theaters form a stimulating backdrop to the school year. Lincoln Center is just a short walk away. Students in all subject areas have the opportunity to visit and explore the city's vast resources on field trips with their subject teachers. The school community attends concerts, ballet performances and theatrical productions as a group from time to time throughout the school year.