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Marcy Mann, Associate Head for Academic Affairs

Professional Children's School provides a challenging, well-rounded, college preparatory education for its students. While the mission of the school remains the same, the academic program at PCS has grown ever more rigorous since its founding in 1914. Today, the overwhelming majority of  PCS graduates attend college or conservatory immediately upon graduation; the remainder choose to continue their pre-professional training or professional careers.

Working with young people who are pursuing careers or rigorous pre-professional training while attending a college preparatory school requires flexibility on the part of the faculty. With approximately 200 students and 26 faculty members, a close relationship is forged between student and teacher. Students in grades 6-8 comprise the Middle School and students in grades 9-12 define the High School.

Especially in the high school years, the professional training and other commitments of students may make demands on students' time and interests. Although many students will not be able to take a variety of elective courses, PCS diploma requirements provide for a broad background in fundamental academic disciplines.

Since the school’s earliest days, PCS students have sometimes kept up with their studies from afar while away from school for professional reasons.   Today, technology makes the process easier and PCS is committed to being a school whose program enables students to learn in part through online exchange of ideas, content and instruction.  This commitment allows PCS to better serve its mission of educating professional and pre-professional students while preparing them to live and learn in our increasingly technology based world.

Professional Children's School is accredited by the New York State Association of Independent Schools and is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools, the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education, the National Association of Principals of Schools for Girls, the Headmistresses Association of the East and the New York City Guild of Independent Schools.