Dr. James Dawson has served as
Head of School since 1995.  He
received his Ph.D. in Behavior and
his B.S. in Biology at the State
University of New York at Albany.
Dr. Dawson is Chair of the
Board of Trustees of the New
York State Association of
Independent Schools (NYSAIS).
He is a past trustee of The
Brearley School and The Spence
School.  Prior to his appointment
at PCS, Dr. Dawson served as
Head of Upper School at The
Spence School  from 1988-1995.

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The Head's Letters
to PCS parents.

Read the Head's remarks
to the Class of 2017.

Welcome from the Head of School

Since our founding in 1914, PCS has been providing an academic education especially designed for talented young people pursuing goals in the performing arts, entertainment and competitive sports. PCS provides all of the necessary academic tools to ensure success in leading colleges, universities and conservatories, as well as throughout life, while enabling students to pursue their individual goals outside of school. Our academic program ensures that our students can focus on both school and their outside interests by incorporating flexible academic schedules, Guided Study while away from school, and an understanding environment of accommodation and advance planning on the part of the faculty.

PCS is committed to integrating technology throughout the curriculum to prepare students to live and learn in our increasingly technology based world.  This offers an enhanced classroom centered experience while ensuring our students’ ability to pursue professional and pre-professional endeavors that may remove them from the physical classroom.

I encourage you to learn more about Professional Children’s School. Our Director of Admissions, Shari Honig, and her staff are available to assist you and answer any questions that you might have as you consider becoming part of the PCS family.


Dr. James Dawson
Head of School